When I was in high school, I hung out with the drama kids. I went to an all-boys Catholic high school in Toowoomba, which meant that the drama kid group was pretty much me. So, a lot of my friends were the music kids, who were the influence on a lot of my musical tastes - I spent our Japan tour in Grade 10 listening to the Smashing Pumpkins and being angry, and I would sit at home and listen to Black Sabbath and be angry. If I could have got a tattoo when I was fifteen, I would've had a bullet with butterfly wings somewhere on my person. I'm thankful every day that I couldn't.

            Not all heroes have capes.

            Not all heroes have capes.

And then there was this song. The song that played over Monica and Chandler's wedding, and the song that was in an episode of Daria, making this one of the most 90s sentences that I've ever written, apart from telling you that we still have Sister Act 2 on VHS (Sister Act 2 is best Sister Act.) 

Look, this is all just a way to tell you that this is an awesome song to consider if you're stuck for ideas. And if you don't like this version, there's a sweet cover by the Vitamin String Quartet here. That won't be the last time I mention those guys either. Cover versions of your music can be an awesome idea for your ceremony to get the right tone if you love the song, but feel like it may not fit your aesthetic.

Anyway, grab your chain wallet and skate shoes and hang out the back of the bike sheds with this. 

Steve Piriemusic, Ceremonies