Music can be such an important part of your whole wedding day, and especially for your ceremony. Want to set the mood right away? Use a song that reminds you of a place, or a time in your relationship*. BOOM. We all have them, and some of us share those songs with our partners. To get you thinking, every so often I'll go through my iTunes/record collection/CD binder from Grade 10 and feature songs for you to consider. Think of them as stepping stones to get you started. 

It's cool to be ironic at the moment. I get it. I do it too. I pretended to love Cotton Eye Joe for far too long, and I wanted a landline phone for the nostalgia, but the only people who call it are marketers. It's cool to not care about anything, even in the music we listen to. So when you hear a band that is so heart-achingly earnest and epic in a way that hasn't been brought to the front since the likes of Springsteen, it's hard not to find it refreshing. I fell in love with the Gaslight Anthem for this very reason - just four guys wearing their heart on their sleeves, and managing to tell honest stories about three things: 



- RADIOS (in any order)

These guys are one of my favourite bands, and I'll admit would listen to them all the time with my headphones on at night in bed, dreaming of my own raven-haired tattooed lady who would make me feel all the feelings

It's heartland rock mixed with a hard edge that will take you on a nostalgic trip. It's raw, and it's beautiful, and while the band isn't together anymore, they can still be a part of your day. Have a listen and imagine seeing your best girl/ guy at the end of the aisle. You'll be in your own very black and white film. 

*FYI, the song that is special to me is Whenever, Wherever by Shakira. Grade 10 social, first kiss. No shame.